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I want to thank you and Larry, our JV/M agent, for the personalized touch that you gave to our account. From our first interaction with JV/M you made us feel that we were an important customer. As we worked through different projects Larry took the discussions with customers seriously and worked hard to ensure that things did not fall through the cracks. Please thank him for us.

Actually, it was the good work of JV/M that gave us the confidence to build an inside sales team to do more in house. Although you will be losing our business you can feel confident that your team did a great job and created another good reference for you. If I ever have the opportunity to use an outside telemarketing service I will not hesitate to use or recommend JV/M.

Frank Marangell
President, Objet Geometries

Just a note - I've got an appointment scheduled with Tom Smith in Merced CA for Oct. 15th, and Marisa and I had a great call with Chris Elmer in Kansas City that likely is going to result in an on-site visit also. And if things work out right, another one could happen in Las Vegas on the 14th with the folks at American National Bank.

I am one happy person! Thanks for the great work that you and the folks at JV/M are doing on our behalf!!

Jim Monteleone
President, LeadSource
Dear Jeff:

Thank you for your E-mail. At the time you worked on the CHROMOLUX project together with Andrew and Markus the US market was in focus. In between we changed slightly the strategies and defined new core markets mainly in Europe. Therefore we have temporarily no projects planned for the US.

But please be aware that you will be our first contact for the future, if we plan any initiatives for the US, as we have made good experience with your company on the last project.

Kind regards,
Christian Drissler
Dear Jeff:

The services were outstanding, and well worth the price. We enjoyed working with you.

Steve Summers,
Dear Jeff:

Jon is kicking ass! He's sharp, intelligent, switched on, very engaged, enthusiastic, productive and really a pleasure to work with. I find I get a charge from his energy, and the whole team is energized as well. So, in short, we are very pleased, and we are progressing very well!

Scott Gordon,
Director of Business Development

Liesa is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Ashish Jha,
Director of Business Development

The Quizno's call went well!!!! The conversation was good. Next steps are that we follow up with an email (already done) and that we email monthly as a reminder. Next time Bruce is in Denver he'll have lunch with Bob. Great job!

Dominique Romanowski,
Director of Marketing
Jeff Josephson is the guy to talk to. He is a super listener, develops very effective campaigns, launches them well and has a team that stays on top of them and provides clients regular feedback to tweak the sales/prospecting program.

Jeff Rose,
The overarching opinion that we, and I, had about the project was that it was a success. It was relatively somewhat costly out-of-pocket cash-wise, but I did show the company and others that overall we got a good return on our investment. I think that the objective was met, which was to kick-start sales in a certain area. And I have nothing but high marks and high praise for you and your gang.

Ned Sheerin,
VP - Marketing and Sales
Jeff has run a few campaigns for me and done a very good job. I'd highly recommend his firm. He's got a great program and does well managing his team to get the results the client's desire.

Colin Baird
[National distributor] is the master at "stack em high and sell em cheap". . . best case scenario is a few more leads. . . but one can argue that with a broader JV/M approach we will get better qualified leads than this. . . worst case, we end up really confusing the market."

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