Why Use JV/M To Do Your Prospecting?

"Jeff has a depth and breadth of experience leading small-to-large scale lead generation and lead qualification services. He knows exactly how to coach his folks on how to approach a particular market segment and make the phone an effective pre-sales and sales tool. He effectively created an engine that fed the sales force to a level that required us to increase quotas in a down market while we raised prices. Give him a try - you can thank me later." - A JV/M Client

The simple reason to use JV/M is so that you can increase your company's revenue and profitability quickly, reliably, and with minimal risk and cost. But there's more to it than that...


JV/M can increase your company's sales by 25%, 50% or more, for half of what it would cost you to do it in-house. We can get you new customers faster than you can do it yourself, find you better quality, more profitable, customers and clients; and we can do it all day, every day, for as long as you need.

Save (Calendar) Time  Finding a good "bird-dog" can take months. With JV/M, your prospecting program can be up and running, and bringing you new business, in as little as a week.

Save (Clock) Time  You don't have time to manage a telemarketer or a department. Once we're on the job, all you have to do is satisfy your customers.

Increase Your Sales  That's the whole point, isn't it? (We just stuck this one in here to see if you were paying attention!) We're committed to increasing your revenues.

Reduce Your Risk  When you hire a telemarketer in-house, you're putting all your eggs in one basket, and the fact is that they may not really know what they're doing -- so you're going to have to coach them. With JV/M, you get access to a whole team of professional sales people who love to sell; and just in case one doesn't work out, we can have another one trained and selling for you the next day.

Increase Your Base  Businesses must either grow, or they eventually die. JV/M can increase your base of business, and provide the growth that leads to long term success.

Save Money  While it's possible to hire a good telemarketer for $10/hour, turnover, productivity shortfalls, advertising and recruiting fees, benefits, commissions and management overhead quickly drive that cost to over $30 per hour or more. Our people can bring you more business than yours can in half the time, and with a lot less risk.

Expertise  The principals at JV/M have over 30 years of professional B2B sales and marketing experience. We know what works, and what doesn't. We know how to penetrate and develop a market. We know how to position your company to win. And we know how to manage a sales team so that they follow-up effectively. With JV/M, you get more than phone calls; you get knowledge, experience and expertise.

Reduce Your Headcount  Having qualified sales leads for your salespeople to close (as opposed to having unqualified leads,) means that you can get the same (or even greater,) sales from fewer salespeople. The typical JV/M client can eliminate the need for 1.5 sales reps with just a basic campaign.

Reduce Turnover  JV/M's approach ensures stability in your program through documentation and internal sales coaching. Our "corporate memory" makes turnover a non-issue.

Improve the Quality of Your Campaigns  Just because you can get someone on the phones doesn't mean they can do the job. (You can always identify a problem sales person if they complain about the list, by the way.) JV/M's professionals have an average of 15 years of sales experience, and we've already faced and solved just about every sales challenge there is. Wouldn't you rather have experience and commitment in your corner?

Increase Your Profitability  If yours is like most businesses, your profits are volume-dependent. JV/M delivers more volume to you, faster, so you earn a greater profit. (Of course, if you're not interested in increasing your profitability, we're probably not a good fit.)

Gate The Flow  Being able to load balance your production is often a key to quality and profitability. With JV/M you can turn demand on and off at will. You'll have an excess of opportunity, too, so you won't have to wait for sales to catch up with capacity as you grow.

Increase Your Market Share  Profitability is directly related to market share, too, and JV/M can unhook competition and increase your market share in a matter of weeks... or sooner!

Work Less...and Worry Less  When you turn to JV/M, you turn to a true partner -- someone who will take the worry out of where your new business is going to come from because your objectives are our objectives.

JV/M can deliver the "win" that you're looking for. We know how to do the job and grow your business -- because we've done it a hundred times before.

Yeah, but...

You may think that there are lots of reasons not to outsource. Here's what we've heard, and what we have to say in response.

It's Cheaper To Do It In-House    Certainly you can hire someone for $10/hour to make phone calls for you. But can he write a decent prospecting letter, or do you have to do it for him? Can she overcome objections, or does she just burn through the list? When he leaves, how long does it take to recover your sales growth? Most importantly, is "cheaper" your goal, or is it to increase your revenue and profitability?

Better the Devil You Know   Do you really like managing a telemarketing department, or do you just want qualified leads? Clients who stop using us (albeit temporarily,) do so because they have too many leads, not too few.

This Isn't Rocket Science    Like it or not, your competitors are raising the bar every day. Are you really using techniques that break through the clutter, get attention and interest, land the appointments, and lead to a sale? Or are you just following the pack? Do you have any idea how many Web marketing firms and advertising agencies come to JV/M for help? If Web sites and advertising were the answer, why are they calling us?

Why wait? You can either be good or lucky; and you can't buy luck. But with JV/M, there's ultimately one basic reason why: You'll sleep a whole lot better.

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