Building Your Sales Engine

JV/M can help you build a more effective, strategic B2B Lead Generating capability, one that can enable you to double, or even triple, your sales, while simulataneously reducing your risk and cost-of-sales. If you are an industrial, commercial, professional, financial or IT firm that wants to compete in today's global markets, and to significantly increase your sales, profits and market share, developing an effective B2B telemarketing capability is your only real solution.

Although many companies find that outsourcing their lead generation function to a professional B2B telemarketing firm is more efficient and effective, some companies prefer to utilize in-house resources, and own the process themselves. At the same time, while in-house lead generation can be relatively inexpensive, building an effective in-house capability involves unique challenges. For example:

  • Did you know that fewer than 1.5% of applicants are actually qualified to do the professional B2B lead generation job, even if they've been effective in the field sales job? And identifying good candidates is virtually impossible unless you know what to look for. Turnover is high, and training and development programs designed for traditional consumer-oriented telemarketers are inappropriate, if not outright damaging, in B2B sales.
  • Likewise, if you want your salespeople to generate their own leads and appointments, they need to know what really works. Most B2B cold-calling techniques used today are just gimmicks that alienate prospects and, at best, create activity without producing results, and therefore quickly stop getting used by the very salespeople they're intended to help.
  • Market positioning and strategies that work in other media simply don't work in the executive appointment-setting environment. If you're going to get an appointment with an executive at a Fortune 1000 company, you'd better know what to say, and how to say it.
  • Unless selected and used correctly, technology is more of a hindrance to success than part of the solution.
  • Developing a successful executive appointment-setting campaign is a complex process that most companies are not structured to do. When you only have a limited population to call (even if it's only limited by geography,) you can't play the "numbers game;" you have to get it right each and every time.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in developing successful B2B lead generation campaigns and capabilities, JV/M has developed a unique set of tools, and an approach that can enable you to build your own sales engine – one that can double, or even triple, your company's sales, that can deliver new sales faster, with less risk, and at a lower cost than any other element of your marketing mix or sales program. Our simple, six-step approach includes:

  1. Strategic Opportunity Analysis  We start with a review of your current goals and capabilities, and design a unique B2B telemarketing solution for your company. The powerful methods and strategies that we have developed and tested with hundreds of products and dozens companies are well-documented, and easy to learn, implement and manage. And, above all, they work.
  2. Personnel Assessment  JV/M will show you how to solve the recruiting and development problem with our highly-predictive Telemarketing Skills Assessment. This proven tool can quickly help you find the one candidate out of sixty-five who's actually going to perform. It can identify skill deficiencies on your current team, too, and show you exactly how to fix them.
  3. Campaign Design  We'll then help you design, develop, test, and refine your campaigns so they generate the maximum number of leads and appointments, of the best possible quality, at the lowest possible cost, leading to the greatest possible sales. We'll show you precisely what strategies, positioning and processes to use to get the highest ROI, and what works and what doesn't – to get the job done.
  4. Systems and Support  We will explain how technology should – or, more accurately, shouldn't – be used; help you develop collateral material that works; show you how to put in place follow-up processes that assure that no leads get lost; help you integrate your sales process effectively, and how to learn from the market, too – perhaps the most valuable side-benefit of all.
  5. Coaching and Skill Development  To make sure your people are successful, we'll conduct customized, campaign-specific coaching in our proven executive appointment-setting techniques – the same techniques that we use to generate hundreds of qualified leads and appointments every week. We'll provide your staff with our recently-published book, "The Most Powerful Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal," the complete guide to successful B2B telemarketing, so they can truly understand (and internalize,) the techniques, and achieve the sales growth you need now, and for the long term.
  6. Monitoring and Continuous Process Improvement   And finally, we'll help you set up a monitoring system that assures that the process will be subject to continuous improvement, and maximizes your ROI. We'll help you work through any management issues, too, so your team can continue to be successful on its own.

Depending on your current capabilities and objectives, JV/M can create an effective lead generation capability – a Sales Engine – for your team in as little as a month, and for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it on your own, or with solutions designed for other markets. So, if you want to make your numbers, you only need to make one call – to JV/M

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