Marketing and Sales Consulting and Fulfillment Services

At JV/M, we understand that having qualified sales leads is the most important part of a successful sales program. That's why we provide professional business-to-business telemarketing: because it can deliver to you the most, and best quality, new business for the lowest possible cost. But we also know that generating qualified leads isn't always the only sales and marketing challenge you face, especially in today's difficult economy. JV/M therefore provides Sales and Marketing Consulting and Fulfillment Services for clients who need help addressing some of these other challenges.

In trying to achieve your revenue goals, among the sales issues you may face, and how we can help, are:

  • Marketing Issues: Do you have the right market positioning? Execution?
    • Reviewing and developing your value proposition
    • Developing metrics and case histories
    • Analyzing your competition
    • Integrating other elements of the marketing mix including advertising, direct mail, PR, collateral material, e-marketing, and more.
    • Setting your price strategy
    • Establishing programs for retaining and upselling accounts
    • Researching and responding to market needs
  • Sales Team Issues: Do you have the right people in the field, and are they adequately trained?
    • Recruiting and selecting qualified sales professionals
    • Developing your sales force
    • De-selecting underperforming salespeople
    • Identifying and correcting skill deficiencies
    • Selecting and implementing the right sales training programs
    • Providing coaching and field support
    • Developing and managing new channels
  • Sales Management Issues: Is your sales force being properly managed, structured and compensated?
    • Implementing sales force management
    • Managing your company's funnel
    • Choosing and using a Contact Management System
    • Using independent distributors and VARs
    • Analyzing and improving your compensation and incentive system
    • Structuring your sales force
    • Sales planning and control
    • Recruiting and managing a sales manager
  • Strategic Issues: Do you have the right long-term strategy?
    • Getting from your vision to your bank account
    • Achieving, recovering and retaining profitability
    • Incorporating other strategic resources

Having qualified leads and appointments for your salespeople to work with is the most important thing. But if you need help in any of these areas, especially if they're preventing you from taking advantage of your new-found opportunities, call us. In many cases we can solve the problem for you right over the phone.


JV/M's consulting services are available on an hourly, per-diem, monthly or project basis, plus T&E. Please call for an estimate.


JV/M was originally founded in 1992 as a Sales and Marketing consulting company. And from 1992 until 1999 we helped dozens of clients achieve significant levels of sales growth by providing effective sales and marketing consulting services. (In fact, it was during many of our consulting engagements where we saw how critical a problem lead generation was for our clients; which is why, when we couldn't find a third-party solution, we started offering B2B telemarketing as a service in the first place.) JV/M now has sales and marketing professionals with over 200 years of collective experience. If there's a challenge you face, chances are we've already seen it, and solved it.

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